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Social media marketing is a core technique for publicising your business and attracting long-term customers. The following courses offer the opportunity for you to maximise the business benefits of specific platforms by developing your expertise.

These platforms are constantly evolving and changing the way they operate, so it is essential that you keep up to date with how you manage your business profile and advertising methods.

One of our most recent courses covers the use of Facebook Messenger Chatbots, an exciting novel method of automating the communication process between the seller and the buyer. When set-up correctly, this appears like a conversation to the customer, giving them a more personalised buying experience.

Video has already become an essential component of any web-based business, enabling potential customers to experience a personal engagement with the business. This helps to establish and build trust before they make any purchases. However, unless the video process is done correctly, from interesting content to final sound and picture quality, it may have a detrimental effect on your potential customer!

Our latest YouTube course contains up to date information on the channel itself and provides guidance on the alternative types of presentation format as well as a host of insights into how to use this mainstream channel to your commercial advantage.

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