Digital Upskill - Purpose

Most training organisations focus on the needs of medium to large businesses, making them unaffordable for individuals and small business owners.

Digital Upskill Ltd offers access to a range of practical  training courses for building a second income from the internet.

Existing business owners can benefit in two main ways. Firstly by becoming familiar with website terminology, helping communication with IT professionals. Secondly by understanding how to make their Online presence and Digital Marketing more effective, thus increasing both sales and profits.

Use our Course Guide to review the different types of training available in each category. Courses are grouped and identified as being most suitable for Individuals or Business Owners. When you find an interesting Course, click the link and this will take you to an expanded Course description in the Digital Marketing School. Please read this carefully before purchase to ensure you have selected exactly what you want to learn.

Internet Marketing Diploma Presentation
Internet Marketing Diploma Presentation

Digital Upskill - About Me

My name is Mark Murawiecki, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. During my career I have worked in a variety of different companies ranging from SMEs with less than 20 employees to multi-national corporations. My roles have ranged from Engineering Design, to Project Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management. I took early retirement in 2011 and started a successful subsea engineering consultancy for the Oil & Gas sector.

Over the years I have experienced situations from where my employers were on the verge of bankruptcy through a cashflow crisis, to facing redundancy when the Oil price collapsed. The latter has happened several times, with the attendant loss of income. Because of these personal experiences I am acutely aware of the changing nature of business and the impact it has on ordinary people in the UK.

Digital Upskill has been formed to offer ordinary people an opportunity for self-development with the prospect of earning a secondary income. In some cases this could be developed to become your main income, giving you total control over your working life.

In preparation for the launch of Digital Upskill, I completed the "Diploma in Internet Marketing" and have built this website using tools from the Course programme.
If I can do it, so can you!


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Have a product or service you want to sell? - Learn key Marketing skills

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Simple changes to your current website can yield significant results for your search engine rankings and business profits

Learn up-to-date Digital Marketing strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors

Develop basic and advanced Website skills for confident and effective communication with your webmaster

New Business Service available from 2Q 2020

COVID-19 is forcing traditional businesses to move online
Our range of online business courses can help you with that process
We can also offer help with your online strategy and implementation 

We approach every project as if it were our own business

Too busy running your business? We can review your business website and prepare a summary Strategy Report listing key options for you to consider

We operate a "no compete" policy for retail businesses within 5 Km of your designated location for a period of 6 months

Please register with us by email to upskilluk@gmail.com to reserve your place

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